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About Us

Radiant Infonet Private Limited provides services in the field of Assessments, People Services and Activity Manoeuvring. Since the last six years, Radiant Infonet has been providing innumerable assessments for more than 15 Sector Skill Councils / Government Body, certifications, technology solutions and create event experience to clientele across the country. We regularly conduct quality checks and internal audits to ensure the policy guidelines are met as per the client’s expected quality and on-time delivery. Additionally, a continuous assessment monitoring mechanism guarantees secured data both in real-time and after assessment submission.


Online Assessment

Assessments like Cognitive, Psychometric and Skill based tests to analyse the capabilities and knowledge of a candidate for a desired position.


People Services

We at Radiant Infonet provide comprehensive consultative solution of recruitment, placement, and payroll management covering the workforce management based as per industry standards.


Activity Manoeuvring

Radiant has rich experience in conducting Events, Workshops and Seminars in the past 6+ years. We always thrive to deliver more than the clients expectations and constantly upgrading our services in all areas of activity manoeuvring.

Advanced Assessment Technology

About Testa and Prufer

Testa Features

Digital Assessment with complete activity logs.

Proctoring is being done throughout the exam.

Questions and Options Randomization features for assessment.

Auto Sync feature in case of internet unavailability.

App based offline assessment on Mobile and Tab.

Prufer Features

Automated web and mobile application for assessors to conduct assessment.

Auto Sync feature in case of internet unavailability.

Complete End to End management feature of assessor and assessment.

App based offline assessment on Mobile and Tab.

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