Hardware (Tablet)


ThinkSlate is the flagship hardware product of Radiant Infonet Pvt. Ltd. A multifaceted piece of technology, it serves many purposes. ThinkSlate is a low cost Tablet PC, created by us to bridge the digital gap in the societies of our country. We’ve specially designed this tablet to carry various educational content in audio, video and text forms.

Powered by Open Software underneath, the ThinkSlate is capable of running Android Apps, supports internet browsing and Adobe Flash. To serve as a standalone digital solution for teaching, we’ve also grouped together grade appropriate content under various niches. ThinkSlate can be customized with a range of preloaded educational content according to your curriculum. Any additional specific content can be created and loaded onto the Tab for you.

We’ve also come to utilize this wonderful device in our assessments as well. As the best example of how flexible ThinkSlate is, we’ve loaded our custom content into it and use it for needed Assessments. ThinkSlate for Radiant Infonet Assessments is bundled with security features, has browsing disabled and can be synchronized with our Server to collect data from anywhere.

With ThinkSlate, we are on a mission to empower millions of people in the next few years by providing them low cost computing and internet access. ThinkSlate is currently available in a few different variants:

ThinkSlate TS 101

ThinkSlate TS 101 is a touchscreen operated Android Tablet with a 1.3 GHz Dual Core Processor under the hood. It features a comfortable 7-inch display and is fully customizable.