Attendance Monitoring System

Biometric Attendance and Verification System

Radiant Infonet offers cutting edge Biometric Attendance Systems to keep tabs anywhere. Our system captures data on real time basis with recorded date, time, and biometric values like Iris Scan, Face Capture, Fingerprint Reader and Smart Card Solutions. These systems can be tweaked and built to perfectly fit your requirements.

Biometric Attendance and Verification Systems can be installed in various environments like schools, gyms, offices, supermarkets to keep track of activity and attendance. The data collected from these systems are stored in a safe cloud server in real time. The data can be retrieved and sorted based on different filters on request. The maintenance of these systems, the cloud back up and the software is taken care of by the Radiant Infonet Team at fixed monthly charges.

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Testa- Mobile Assessment Application

Testa, the latest Assessment Application from Radiant Infonet, offers to you the freedom to conduct assessments from anywhere and anytime, even in the remotest of locations.

It is a custom-built super-fast application that runs on Android powered mobile phones. Testa has been created to convert any PC into a secure Assessment Provider at the comfort of candidate’s and assessor’s locations.

Testa can be completely modified to add extra features to suit your syllabus and needs.

Salient Features of Testa

  1. Testa has an Admin Login, which lets you add any number of questions, delete them, generate new question papers and randomize options.
  2. Sets of questions can be assigned to unique Assessors.
  3. Monitor the candidate live from anywhere in the country through continuous live audio and video feeds.
  4. Know the exact location coordinates where the assessment is taking place with our Geo Tagging feature.
  5. Student Logins can be created and can be set up with limited access and activated security features.
  6. Testa’s Security features and Proctoring Settings can be enabled and disabled as necessary.
  7. You can access and store the comprehensive assessment data and analyze it for further use.