Assessment Services

Assessment Services

(Offline Assessment)

Offline Assessments

Radiant Infonet provides extensive assessment features that you can run offline. If your assessment is due to take place within campus, you can use the existing intranet or LAN system to conduct assessments. Our software merges perfectly with pre-existing systems to create a secure environment for student and employee testing. You could simply download our softwaresoftware onto your system and distribute it to run tests anytime. The collected candidate data can be synced in the backend to our servers for safekeeping and analysis.

Features of Offline Assessment

  1. If you are an organization in love with our Assessment System, you can switch to our System with zero hassles.
  2. Our software makes use of your existing LAN and intranet networks and adapts to them for a seamless experience.
  3. Zero need for internet during examination for both your and the candidates’ machines.
  4. Our Offline Assessment Services grants you the best features of our Assessment like comprehensive Question Bank, Encrypted Secure Data, Auto Scoring, Grading and safely stored data retrieval in the comfort of your traditional setting.
  5. The Offline Assessment can be utilized for any number of candidates simultaneously.
  6. Individual Report Cards can be generated for each candidate.
  7. Very secure fool proof Assessment System.
  8. Import and Export stored data anytime and compare them with performance of others and check them with past scores.
  9. The Offline Assessment Software is fully customizable can be designed for coaching classes, school curriculums, educational institutes, competitive exams or testing employee skills.

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Our Offline Assessment Works in the following ways:

Tab Based

ThinkSlate, the brainchild of Radiant Infonet, grants you the ability to easily carry your assessments with you anywhere. This custom built android tablet is easy to use and comes loaded with pre-installed assessment applications for your use. You can store a huge variety of assessments in it and conduct tests and exams in an instant without the use of paper. The results of the candidates are safely stored digitally for you to view and evaluate anytime. Tab based assessments from Radiant Infonet are an efficient way to conduct assessments that simplify the process for you.

Look under the ThinkSlate section for a detailed brief on our custom tabs!

Pen & Paper

Radiant Infonet also goes the good old way in conducting assessments – with pens and papers. In this option, our team creates a customized question paper for you based on your grade and syllabus. Our trained assessors then carry these question papers to the test location and supervise the exam. Our well skilled assessors are masters in proctoring tests and will ensure that the assessment takes place fair and square, on time. At the end of the test, the answer sheets are evaluated and the data is stored safely in our servers for future retrieval.

This offline exam process is no easy feat – it requires the coordination of different teams. A team which creates the question papers, the local available assessors, the location provider, the evaluator and back to us for data storage. If you are interested in conducting an exam in the most ethical way under stringent rules, look no more – call us now to get a quote.

USB and CD Based Assessment

Radiant Infonet offers USB and CD based Assessment services for the use of individuals and organizations who do not have or do not prefer having an internet connection. Our Assessment Software for the requested subjects and topics will be delivered via a USB Drive or a CD, enabling you to use it any number of times without the need to go online. If you have students preparing for competitive or entrance exams, you can use the USB based Assessment Software to help them prepare for the real test. You can always use the same software to connect online when you have internet access to back up your data or to compare results with other test takers online.

Features of USB and CD based assessment

  1. Our USB and CD software are very easy to set up. You have no hassles or need no other resources except a running computer to access our Assessment System.
  2. Thousands of questions in every subject topic that you can evaluate your candidates on.
  3. Our Software turns every computer in the home or school an excellent opportunity to learn and test, irrespective of which part of the country they are located. You can get the same features as the rest of the country with no compromise.
  4. Our Assessment Software carries in built tools for complete analysis of candidate performance. You can also request for features like recording the timing of responses or section wise grading.
  5. A very secure Assessment System.
  6. It can generate individual report cards for each candidate.
  7. It can be used for Educational Institutions Schools, Olympiads, Colleges, PSU, Surveys, Distance Education, Training and more.

Test Center Based Assessment

Radiant Infonet Provides Test Centre Based Assessment Services that converts any place into a testing Centre. Our complete software package has all the features you would need to seamlessly conduct an exam. You can choose the type of Assessment you want to conduct and our team will deliver to you a tailor made Centre Based Assessment Software based on your requirements. The exam can be customized to run with or without internet access. Our Assessment Package grants you world class testing in a hassle free process in the comfort of your campus.

Features of Centre Based Assessments

  1. Centre Based Assessment System is fully customizable for use in universities, schools or even in corporate campuses.
  2. Our Assessment Package covers the entire deal from candidate sign up to uploading and evaluating the results.
  3. You can add extra features like Login ID and unique Password for each candidate.
  4. A hassle free setup where you can utilize the resources you already have to conduct a comprehensive exam. Our team works hard to ensure you save lots of time and money.
  5. Our Software works on setups with Internet Connection or even in pre-existing LAN or intranet networks.
  6. Completely secured Assessment System that disables browser access and records responses and activities of candidates in real time.
  7. Safe data storage in our Cloud System where the results can be stored for any period of time. You can retrieve the data anytime you wish and can filter results by various factors.
  8. Results of each candidate can be declared individually or as a whole.