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Assessment Services

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Online Assessments

Radiant Infonet offers tailored solutions for all types of Online Assessments. We have comprehensive systems in place to conduct tests in a wide range of disciplines. We can test candidates on their skills, abilities, knowledge in specific subjects on any scale using Online Assessments. Our secured, proctored and robust platform ensures zero errors in the execution of a test. Any number of candidates from any part of the country can be tested in real time using our specially designed software. Further needed security features like candidate identification, authentication and geo tags can be collected along with the tests to ensure veracity.


  1. Large Scale Examination: The Online Assessments tool from Radiant Infonet makes conducting large scale exams easier, efficient and secure. It eliminates the need for blocking huge halls and cuts down on travel costs for hundreds of candidates.
  2. Data Security: data submitted from all over the country is updated real time in a secure server. Secure all of your data for any length of time you wish with our cloud based solutions.
  3. Automatic Grading System: Our Online Assessments are also easy to conduct for the faculty members. We offer automatic grading processes wherever applicable, helping you significantly cut down on the heavy manual intervention, with pinpoint precision.
  4. Customized Assessment Solution: The Online Assessments from Radiant Infonet are fully customizable to suit your needs. You can include multiple choice questions, short answers, long answers, fill in the blanks or even ask for Diagrams.
  5. Mock Test Availability: You can also use our Online Assessment system as a simulator. You can run mock tests that exude 100% feel of a real examination to better prepare them for upcoming ones.
  6. Result Analysis: Our Online Assessment offers detailed analysis of results. You can compare the scores as a whole or compare a specific student’s marks against his own past scores to measure improvements.
  7. Customizable Scoring System: Our Online Assessment System offers completely customizable grading and scoring systems that can be set to your needs. You can set different marks for different sections at a click.
  8. Curbing Unethical Practices: We offer top of the line security features to create the most secure environment for online tests. We freeze the browsers on the exam machine and disable the use of any other software. We can also cut off internet access other than for the exam.
  9. Real Time Monitoring: Any candidate’s undesirable actions will be monitored and alerted to you in real time.
  10. Verification Measures: You can monitor hundreds of candidates from anywhere in real time. You can authenticate and check for verification using measures like Biometric Verification or OTP.
  11. Performance Monitoring: Can be used for various types of assessments like Entrance Exams, Mid Term Tests, Distance Learning Courses, Campus Interviews, Quizzes, Surveys and more.

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Our online assessments work two ways - web based and app based.

Web Based Online Assessments

Web based online assessments give every candidate a chance to train with our massive question banks from any PC or laptop available. This web based online assessment is as secure as any other form of assessment provided by us. The candidate appearing for the exam must login to our web portal with a unique ID and password, which would be generated when registering with us. Our web portal detects any malpractices on the system running assessments and will alert you in case of deviations. Web based assessments can be used to test a candidate’s theoretical knowledge as well as viva – voce.

Candidates attempting the theory questions will have the ability to look back and review any skipped questions or modify any incomplete answers during any phase of the test. Students tested viva – voce can also review their voice recordings and replace them with better suited answers within the stipulated time of the exam.

Web based assessments are highly customizable and can be built with different sections and types of questions. Get in touch with our team to know more!

App Based

Radiant Infonet, in a visionary move that makes assessments hassle free, has also launched a new app, the Testa. Testa is available for download from Play Store and is compatible with most android powered devices. Testa converts any of your android phones lying around into a unique device, which would serve an important part in your education. With Testa, candidates can attempt tests and compete in assessments from any terrain of the country. Testa has in built security features to curb malpractices and to promote honest practices, To start using our application, the candidate must register first by filling out required information. A unique user ID and password will be generated for the candidate, which can be used to login. App based assessments using Testa accommodate both theoretical and viva – voce inputs as needed.