Who We Are

Who We Are

We, at Radiant Infonet, do what we do, not only because we love helping firms find the right people. We are also profoundly aware of the other side of the coin - the worthy people who we help to get the laurels they deserve. We truly believe that no one should be left out or unable to reach the height they are capable of reaching. Discovering and validating a person’s potential is life changing, it reveals to them precisely what they are made of, and where they are fit better and how they could leverage their skills to sculpt their future. We greatly understand this enormous power we have – our mission is to use this super power for good.

We work hard to level the playing field and make it fair to give everyone an equal opportunity in displaying their talents. Our vision is to play an active role in the creation of a labor market driven by merit, where employers have access to the best employees any time and where skilled individuals could establish themselves in the position they can master. Where talent equals success, we are its benchmark.

The core of our business is built on the success of people like you. When you grow, we grow. That’s why everything we offer, every product and service, is in its breadth and depth, built with you in mind. We offer unmatched accuracy, fast execution and are completely transparent every step of the way. Every feature we’ve come to add or take away in the past has been to make our partners, you, 100% satisfied.

Having accredited by the Quality Council of India (QCI) for ISO: 17024, our untiring passionate diligence and the relentless unison in assignments has endowed us hundreds of satisfied clients in the last 6 years. Our esteemed partners have trusted us with countrywide assessments for processes such as AMHSSC, RASCI, IASC, FFSC, SPEFL, THSC, DGT and many other third party candidate selections with more than 1,94,209 assessments and this number is increasing day by day.

Salient Features

  1. Certified ISO 17024:2012 accreditation agency.
  2. A well-constructed Mandatory Orientation for every Assessor who wants to work with us, which maintains uniform high standards.
  3. A comprehensive Question Bank that is recreated throughout assessments to ensure non – repetition of questions. Any question that reaches 80% usage is taken off the assessment.
  4. We design and deliver Pen Drive based secure Offline Assessments for areas where there is no Cellular Network or Internet Connectivity.
  5. Geo Tagging features to confirm that the Assessment takes place in the Registered Center and to confirm the veracity of the Assessor.
  6. We conduct Internal Audits and Management Review Process twice every year to ensure and establish that we excel ISO Quality Compliances.
  7. Thousands of useful feedback from Candidates after Assessment Completion that helps us keep mastering the latest challenges. Candidate Feedback is currently optional and will be a permanent part of the standard procedure soon.